Our Services

We believe that as a cleaning service the level of clean should come as standard, we therefore focus a lot of attention on the little things that make a big difference. For example being polite, friendly and turning up for the appointment on time (we will always phone ahead if we are running early or late). We also care for your property by covering your kitchen floor and also any hallway carpets to ensure access routes are kept clean and tidy.

The first requirement is for us to arrange a suitable appointment with you over the phone (we always give appointment times so you can plan the rest of your day).

When our technician arrives at your property he will carry out a 22 point inspection of your appliance to ensure full and correct functioning and to determine if there is any significant damage to the model.

Any removable parts are taken outside and placed in our heated stainless steel bath ready for cleaning. We will then cover your floor and any lower cupboard sections of your kitchen and begin the process.

As we use only eco friendly products there is no need to vacate the kitchen. The appliance is heated to aid our heat reactive degreaser and then we apply elbow grease to remove the grease and carbon deposits.

After this stage we will (if possible-some door units are firmly sealed by the manufacturer) remove the door and split the layers of glass for cleaning. Your appliance is then rinsed down and reassembled before having a final facia polish leaving it as good as new.

Our technician will then recheck the appliance and allow you to inspect the finished article. We would never leave a job half done so we are confident you will be overjoyed with the wow factor of your new oven.

"Fabulous service from the initial phone call to the oven being cleaned could not fault you - I have already started recommending you"